Esources Scam – Unsubstantiated Rumors That Carry No Proof


If you are into online retailing business, it is quite likely that you must come across rumors of esources scam. The rumors are presented in such a manner that they sway the minds of those who do not really know what esources stands for. Let us put the record straight.

There is a strange pattern emerging from all these esources scam rumors. They discuss a great deal about scams but there are no specific instances or proof shown in any of these rumors. It is one thing to make allegations; quite another to prove them. Without substantiation, these reports have zero value. And that is exactly what you must remember when you come across any such rumor about esources.

Go to any trade review sites and you will realize that esources is now the fastest growing trade directory in the UK with thousands of new registrations taking place every month. The online trading community is solidly behind this wholesale trade directory because it has changed the way online trading is conducted not only in the UK but in many other countries as well. scam rumors talk about the portal indulging in scams. How then do you explain the mad rush for registrations every month? The fact remains that trade suppliers and buyers are immensely appreciative of the good work they are doing to keep the ecommerce business clean and scam free. They provide trade buyers access to their database of verified and screened wholesalers and dropshippers. This effectively keeps scammers and middlemen away. Esources provides the online trading community a safe trading platform from where they can transact their business in peace and without fear of frauds.

Esources has over the years created an effective trading system for UK based retailers and suppliers. They have been able to fulfill the growing need of the online trading community to provide reliable and readily available information about suppliers and dropshippers as well as trade leads and wholesale products.

Suppliers are listed in the database free of charge if they opt for basic membership. But they are given a place in the trade directory only after they clear a few mandatory checks to prove that they are a genuine business house and not associated with any scams.

Esources today is the largest portal of its kind in terms of user base and traffic, a far cry from the label of esources scam that its detractors are desperate to smear it with.  Suppliers registered with esources can attract over 700,000 readily available trade buyers and give their business a wider exposure. It is indeed the most cost effective way to promote your online business to newer markets.

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